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Single Vision Lenses refer to lenses which will correct your vision for long or shortsightedness i.e. reading and long

distance vision. They are available in many materials such as high index, which reduces thickness, Polaroid,

Transitions and with coatings such as U.V., tints, scratch resistant and reflection free.

Bifocals are lenses which contain areas of two distinct optical powers for distance and near vision and are most

commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia. The most common bifocal is known as a flat top and looks like

a D facing downwards. Bifocals are available in different sizes and designs however these days most optometrists would

recommend an office or progressive lens for people needing to correct presbyopia who have not worn bifocals before.

Office Desk Lenses – Office lenses offer the wearer focus at near and intermediate distances. Wearers can see for

reading or computer work and still see in focus when they look across the room, to a distance of 3m. These lenses

are the ultimate solution for computer users as they provide wide near vision through the bottom of the lens

transitioning to wide intermediate vision through the top of the lens. Thus wearers get an uninterrupted view of

their entire workspace.

Progressives also known as multifocals or varifocals are lenses are used to correct presbyopia and other disorders

of accommodation without the use of a distinctive line as seen in bifocals. These lenses have the advantage of sharp

vision at all distances so you see clearly with a more natural vision. Progressive lenses avoid image jumps in visual

field created by bifocals and trifocal lenses and without a line on the lens they are visually more attractive. For those

new to progressive lenses an accommodation period may be required as the brain needs to learn to work with them.

A2/Crizal– A2/Crizal are the ultimate coatings in reflection free lenses, it removes unwanted reflections for clearer

vision, enhances contrast especially for night driving, virtually eliminates scratches and smudges that interfere with

your vision and improves your appearance as people see your eyes clearly because your lenses are almost invisible.

Polarized lenses are available in sunglasses to reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as water the road or the

hood of a car. Light from the sun can be either absorbed or reflected diagonally, vertically or horizontally and it is

when it is reflected horizontally as in off the water or the road that it causes problems for water enthusiasts and

drivers alike. A fisherman wearing a polarized lens can see below the waters surface allowing them to see fish or

hidden obstacles. These lenses are only available as sunglasses.

Transitions - In bright light regular clear lenses will not help to reduce the effects of the sun. Through advanced

technology Transitions lenses give you the convenience of clear lenses indoors and at night and the advantage of

a sunglass outdoors. When the lenses are exposed to ultraviolet light they will activate and darken, then when the

UV light diminishes so will the tint, reducing quickly back to a clear lens. No matter the depth of colour with a Transition

lens you are 100% protected from eye damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Ultra-Violet Protection – UV radiation has been shown to cause or contribute to a range of eye conditions including

cataracts, pterygia and age related maculopathy, as well as causing damage to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Many of these conditions will not be apparent until much later in life however the damage is done while you are

young so now is the time to take precautions such as ensuring your optical lenses and sunglass lenses are 100%

UV protected.

Tints - Tinted lenses are available for prescription sunglasses or to reduce glare on reading or distance lenses and for

cosmetic reasons. The tint can either cover the whole lens in a uniform colour or have a graduated tint which is darker

at the top and reduces in colour towards the bottom of the lens.

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